flood zone
People are carrying a female patient from a hospital of Dinajpur, Bangladesh after flood of 2017. The hospital is closed due to flood.
natural disasters floods
A girl is walking in a road holding the trees in the flood affected area Dinajpur.
flood causes
A man is walking in the road after collecting some food.
natural disasters floods
A girl is swimming in the punorvoba river during flood
flash flood
A boy is running in the wet field during flood.
what causes floods
A family is made a tent by polythene during flood of Dinajpur in 2017.
 flood disaster
An old man is walking in the road
flood information
Maleka Banu lives in a slum in the bank of Punorvoba River, Dinajpur. In the flood of 2017, her home is totally destroyed. Now she staying in a school with her goat.
The goat is the only one friend in this time.
A victim girl of flood
kid photography
A victim kid
A victim girl

Location: Dinajpur, Bangladesh
News Link: www.pressbangladesh.org