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GMB Akash

GMB Akash (জি এম বি আকাশ) is a Bangladeshi documentary photographer. Akash works as a photographer for Panos Pictures, UK.

2002, third place, Press Foundation of Asia, Bangladesh Chapter, photo contest.
2002, World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass, the Netherlands.
2004, Young Reporters Award, The Scope Photo Festival in Paris.
2005, “Best of Show” award from the Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado, US.
2007, UNICEF Photos of the Year, 2nd place.
2009, Travel Photographer of the Year winner.
2010, CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year, Quality of Life winner.
2014, one of ten finalists in Lugano Photo Days contest, Switzerland.

Anwar Hossain Anu

Anwar Hossain Anu is a Bangladeshi photographer and cinematographer. He died in December 1, 2018.

Jury Board
Sole Jury, Commonwealth photo contest, Cyprus, 1980
Principal National Jury, Bangladesh, 2008–2011

Surja Dighal Bari (La Maison Tragique), 1979.
Emiler Goenda Bahini, 1980.
Bostrobalikara: Garment Girls of Bangladesh (TV documentary).
Nadir Naam Madhumati (A River Named Madhumati), 1994.
Chitra Nodir Pare (Quiet Flows the River Chitra), 1999.
Lalsalu, 2002.
Shyamol Chhaya (as Anwar Husain), 2004.
Three Beauties, (producer), 2006.
Swapnabhumi: The Promised Land, 2007.

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry
Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is an American photographer, freelancer and photojournalist. His most famous photo is the “Afghan Girl.”

Soumya Shankar Ghosal

Alex Webb

Teresa Pilcher

Jonas Dyhr Rask

Wedding Photographer

Sails Chong

Sails Chong is a chinese wedding photographer. He works in Studio Next Image.

Marius Barbulescu


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Fine Art Nude Photographer

Alex Manchev