Environmental portraits are snapshots of people in their environments. In these portraits, people are connected to and reflected in the location you photograph them in.

Top Tips for Environmental Portrait Photography

  • Tell a Story with a Relevant Background for a Compelling Portrait
  • Research the location
  • Know the Importance of the Location for a Meaningful Environmental Portrait
  • Immerse Yourself in Their World for an Intimate Environmental Portrait
  • Be Friendly and Relaxed to Help Your Subject Pose More Naturally
  • Engage With Your Subject to Take a Lively Environmental Portrait
  • Use a Lens and Camera that Best Captures Your Subject
  • Fill the Frame with Only Essential Elements
  • Use Different Depths of Field to Balance Your Portrait
  • Use Props to Help Tell the Story
  • Shoot in Raw
  • Enhance Your Environmental Portrait with post processing.
  • Rearrange the location, if needed
  • Experiment with lighting