Waiting for the light
Shahid is selling tea in the Martyred Intellectuals’ Memorial at Rayerbazar, Dhaka from last two months. His mother took loan from a bank. He sell tea to help his mother. He believe that, one day he can make a bright future by his hand for his family. He also study in a school.
bi cycle
The Lonely Cyclist
Rhythm of Life
Rhythm of Life
Leisure time
Leisure time
Once upon a time, this place was a river. Ships were driven here. People ware sailing also. People were fishing. The grave of the river is written in 2013. Government of Bangladesh grab this river and they destroy it by putting sand from both side. Now Bangladesh Army is making a grave yard this place.
A boy is playing in a sunny evening.
A farmer is spreading pesticide in a paddy field.
Joy of Life

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